Thursday, 18 April 2013

How Your Legal Marketing Can Go Viral

There is common misconception amongst online consumers that legal marketing for solicitors, law firms and attorneys is dry, boring and of little use for general consumption. In fact, there is a continuing trend to show that this couldn’t be further from the truth, and in this blog article we look at how your legal marketing can go viral and show some examples of recent success stories for various law businesses around the world.

What Type of Content?

The first thing to consider is what type of marketing you are producing and what kind of marketing your consumers will be looking for. Whether it is videos, blog posts, infographics or data visualisations, you must bear in mind what you trying to get your visitors or viewers to do. If it is simply remembering your brand, then a quirky, off topic piece of marketing might be successful….but if you actually want to convert those views into leads…then you’ll probably want to go for something a bit more specific and targeted.

Measuring Success

You also need to know when your content has been successful, and how you’re measuring success with your content. It is just views, or a specific return of investment? Knowing this beforehand will help you choose what sort of marketing route you’ll take. Content like videos are highly shareable, and increase brand exposure around the web. Here are some examples of highly viewed videos:

The Harlem Shake was adopted widely by law firms. Okay it doesn’t necessarily convert into solid, serious leads, but it increases exposure and gets your name out there. This is the first step of going viral – get your name attached to something that’s on trend and being talked about.
However, the Harlem Shake might not be the best place to go if you are trying to maintain a professional approach. It’s also only going to attract a certain type of visitor – probably not the type of person who is looking for or needing a lawyer. Bearing in mind who is going to see your content is one of the most important things.

Although The Money Supermarket is not a law firm or a solicitor, it arguably deals with similarly difficult to market topics around car accident claims, home insurance and personal injury. It advertises and posts its videos online in a smart way – we are invited to relate to the character within the video and what he feels like after saving money with the Money Supermarket’s insurance. It uses humour and personal interaction to involve the watchers, and the results have been good. The Money Supermarket’s YouTube channel has received more than 2 Million views.

Content Design

In a visually aware world it is important that your content looks well designed, professional and attractive. If it doesn’t, people will go elsewhere.

The law industry is a notoriously traditional affair, which is word based and not centred on the visual world. It is sometimes difficult therefore to make sure that all legal marketing coming from your solicitors conforms to the best possible design. Infographics or Data Visualisations need to be high-resolution, not pixelated and using the best possible image sources. Make sure there’s no cropping, and if possible sketch out compositions and designs before committing to investing in content.

For any type of content to go viral, it needs to look good.


To sum up, it is possible for your law marketing to go viral, given the right targeted approach and way of thinking. However, it is also obvious that viral marketing needs to be closely monitored – measure the leads that are generated through your viral approach and look at their quality. In many cases, it might be that your traditional marketing works just as well.

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  1. I couldn't agree more with some of the points you've made. Content creation and understanding how to best market yourself online can be particularly challenging for law firms. After working in online legal marketing for several years, I can't stress enough how much you stand to gain from having an engaging and informative web presence. Thanks for sharing the insights

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