Friday, 8 March 2013

Accident Injury Prevention – 10 Safest Cars of 2013

With millions of us taking to the roads every day, it is clear that extra steps now have to be taken to ensure you stay out of accidents that could cause you injury. Increased speeds, an ageing road network and a greater quantity of cars now contribute to horrendous statistics on road accidents. There is a saving grace however – cars are now a lot safer than they used to be. If you drive any of these, there’s a good chance you’ll come out the other side safe and sound.

Volvo V40 Hatchback
Scoring maximum points in almost every category, the Volvo V40 upholds the make’s reputation for producing high quality, safe, well designed and reliable motors.

Ford Mondeo 2013
The radically redesigned Ford Mondeo shares its predecessor’s sense of spaciousness, comfort and reliability. Safety has been improved too, and the car achieves a 5 star NCAP rating for the first time in its history.

BMW 5 Series
The BMW 5 Series has long been a winner of safety awards. The current model was first tested in 2010, and the car has a number of features which means it’s about as safe as it gets for drivers, passengers, children and pedestrians.

Kia Optima
The new kid on the blog when it comes to luxury family saloons, the Kia stakes its claim early on with impressive results across the board in safety tests.

Renault Clio
The fact that the Renault Clio makes this list alone is impressive in its own right, but it does so via its own merit with 88% positive results for adult occupants. With a number of gadgets that also assist safety, the Clio is likely to show the way forward for smaller cars.

Ford Kuga
The substantial Ford Kuga scores well in all areas of frontal and side impact. Scoring 5 stars, this large people mover is likely to keep the family same in all areas.

Hyundia Santa Fe
Similar to the Ford Kuga, the Korean manufacturers have impressed with good safety ratings on their large Santa Fe model.

Audi A3
Taking a spot which arguably should belong to the VW Golf – the Audi A3 showed good improvements on previous models with extensive safety features and good all round crash test results.

Mitsubishi Outlander
The brand new Outlander not only looks impressive, but scored a 94% rating on adult occupancy is NCAP’s crash test. The high bonnet is likely to prove troublesome for pedestrians, but inside the safety features are notable.

Skoda Octavia
The new Octavia boasts a number of assists which build upon the type’s reputation for well-built safety and security. Scoring a 93% rating, Skoda’s post popular car is likely to keep you safe no matter where you take it.

These cars above are not only safe, but also some of the most popular types out on the roads today. It just goes to show the commitment brands are putting into popular cars, and the importance that the buying public places on safety and security.

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